Friday, August 10, 2012

#1 Spring Forward, Fall Back (Introduction)

Recently, a friend asked me, “What does if feel like to be entering into my last year as a high
school teacher?”  I thought a moment and said, “It feels like early spring!”  In early spring the
weather is in a state of transition, and you are never quite sure what the next day will bring.
The best part of the previous season is long gone, and some days the only thing that keeps your
spirit buoyed is the potential for better days. Coming to the end of my career is a lot like that
transition. So, for the next year I will be living in the present, trying to make sense of the past,
and looking to the future.

    Two university degrees, a college diploma, nine teaching qualifications, seven schools, twelve
subjects taught, most of the grunt work is behind me now.  Those formal qualifications just got
 me through various professional doors. It has been an interest in learning new things, a gift of the
gab, and a sense of humour have proven more loyal than I ever could imagine. In another year I
will be presented with an opportunity to do some thing else with my time and fortunately I can
take it.

   However, I will have been in the workforce much longer than 30 years by the end of the next
school year. Getting up and going into a ‘job’ is all I know. It is an interesting proposition to have
in placed in front of you. Most of your life is spent marching off to this ‘job’ thing, and one day
you find out that you don’t have to parade anymore. I now empathize with so many who have
lived in some form of servitude and then been set free. Freedom is a great idea, but what to do
with it!

    In early spring we spend a lot of time looking out the window trying to gauge personality of
the day. So, for the next year I will be looking out my window and reporting on my past, present
and perceived future. I’d like to think I can be objective about my experiences, but that would
just be plain naive. We all go through the seasons four times a year, but to me, spring is the one
with the most potential.